Manage, Migrate & Rehydrate

Monitor and move data in the enterprise


Go between Office365, Exchange, Enterprise Vault, Public Folders, MimeCast,, PST Files, MSG Files, and more

In Use Around The World

By some of the LARGEST global corporations

Our scalable software is built to handle enterprise volumes of data, but is as efficient in smaller organisations

Data at your Fingertips

Available from anywhere


The interface is browser based so can be accessed from your desk, tablet or smartphone, quickly and easily

 Message Migration

Migrate messaging data between Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Vault, PST Files, Mimecast,, MSG files, Public Folders and more. Owner auto-assignment and shortcut rehydration minimise manual intervention.

 Folder Reporting

Trawl both the file system and exchange public folders and build reports based upon file types, age, ownership, storage location and more. Mark folders to be archived, then automatically move or delete them.

Enterprise Features

Distributed agents with centralised management allow for ease of use with maximised throughput. Roles based management and scheduled processing allow for delegation and hands off approach.

Available Anywhere

The admin console is browser based, so can be accessed remotely. Publish the app externally and you could manage the migration from anywhere via your smartphone.

Data Reporting, Migration & Rehydration Made Easy


Discovery and migration projects are inherently difficult because of the volumes of data and involved and user expectation for availability. We make it easy to find, assign and migrate with our browser based management console and distributed remote agents.

Originally discovering and migrating PST files into Enterprise vault, the product is continually evolving and now manages migration projects between a wide variety of storage platforms including Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Vault, PST Files, Mimecast,, MSG files and Public Folders. We have also built upon our data mining knowledge to provide data volume reporting functionality.

Having helped organisations large and small around the globe, real world experience has helped us to refine and extend the way we do things. We understand that each project has different requirements and as a result have a very flexible, yet reliable feature set.

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